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Quality & Purity Standards

With Essential Oils, Quality Matters

We take essential oil quality seriously. We track our essential oils from the fields where they grew, through the distillation and bottling process, all the way to the store shelf. We ensure that they’ve been sourced from the best producers, properly harvested and distilled, microbial and organoleptic tested, and GC/MS analyzed to be sure they contain the right constituents in the right concentrations. When you see a BCL label, be confident that you are getting the purest, most natural and highest quality product.

How to Know the Good Stuff from the Bad

To understand the importance of quality, it’s important to understand the basics of how essential oils work. In a nutshell, essential oils are the highly concentrated extracts of flowers, seeds, bark, peels, roots and buds of plants. When the active compounds in these extracts enter the body they give you natural benefits … boost your mood, help you to relax, soothe muscles or focus your concentration.

But not all essential oils are of equal quality. Essential oils that haven’t been properly harvested, distilled, stored, labeled, or diluted simply don’t have the active compounds to do the molecular work your body needs. The delicate chemical makeup of essential oils need expert handling to bring them from field to the shelf without compromising potency or effectiveness. Adding to that, some people label low-quality products as essential oil, when they are, in truth, nothing but synthetic perfumes (or tiny amounts of essential oil diluted with low-quality additives). These products simply won’t work for aromatherapy, and in some cases, can even do harm. They might smell nice, but their chemical makeup is wrong to get any deeper benefits for your body and mind.

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