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Our Story

We are a beauty and wellness company. We believe that personal wellness is achieved through self-care, and our purpose is to make products that help people look and feel better.

We source the highest quality essential oils with exacting standards for purity and strength — so that you can get the greatest possible benefit to nurture the mind and nourish your body. These potent, natural remedies can help you brighten your mood, ease feelings of stress, focus your mind, soothe muscles, uplift your energy or invigorate your senses. Our curated collection of essential oil blends are designed to enhance your lifestyle, refreshing and renewing the senses.

Based in sunny Southern California, we are a group of passionate individuals pursuing more natural and happier lives. Our mantra, “Be-Care-Love,” is a reminder to live life in the present. Too often we find ourselves anxiously anticipating the future, or dwelling on the past, when we could just be happy now. In this pursuit we must ‘Love’ ourselves enough to take ‘Care’ for ourselves so that we may just ‘Be’. We believe that every moment of life counts — and is precious. At BCL, we are committed to share our Be, Care, Love philosophy to help you be in those moments. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.

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