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Thank you for your interest in BCL SPA products! We have compiled this short list of common questions to get you the information you need as quickly and as easily as possible. If this list doesn’t see to your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.



What is BCL SPA?

BCL SPA is a professional line of luxurious SPA products for manicures, pedicures, and other Spa Services. BCL SPA products are made with Certified Organic Ingredients, to provide a truly unique Organic Experience. Our products are infused with highly beneficial and exotic extracts including Argan Oil, Arnica Flower Extract and Meadowfoam Oil. Please visit our Key Ingredients page for more information.

What makes BCL SPA different from other spa products?

BCL SPA is the first complete line of professional spa products with Certified Organic Ingredients. Each BCL SPA product is created at a professional level, with careful consideration and thorough testing. We use only the best available ingredients to provide you with outstanding, unique products at an excellent cost.

Why organic?

Our certified organic ingredients promote healthy living according to an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle. Our products uphold a higher standard of beauty with formulas free of harsh chemicals or preservatives. At BCL, our goal is to bring people to a higher state of awareness through our SPA experiences. To encourage people to re-create purpose for themselves, and to re-energize through the five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, sound.

We seek to provide a happier, healthier state of consciousness with the Organic Experience, the BCL SPA Philosophy, Education, and Product Lines.

Why use natural ingredients and herbal extracts?

Natural ingredients and herbal extracts have extremely powerful and effective properties. Natural ingredients are safe, healthy and easily absorbed by the skin. Using natural products promotes health and wellness for your body.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are obtained from aromatic plants through a labor-intensive process that extracts the most beneficial elements from every part of the plant in a concentrated form to better use in beauty products.

What kind of products do you offer?

BCL SPA offers an outstanding line of professional-quality products made with Certified Organic Ingredients, including:

  • Our versatile 4-Step System is simple, luxurious, and perfect for manicures, pedicures or any other spa service.
  • Our revolutionary Gel Lotions are perfect for the girl-on-the-go, drying in less than two minutes and provides 24 hours of moisturizing benefits.
  • Our Organic Massage Oils are the prefect addition to our 4-Step System, or for any professional-level massage experience.
  • BCL SPA White Radiance is designed to brighten and lighten skin tone for a flawless, porcelain finish without the use of dangerous chemicals in a purely natural and organic treatment.
  • Formulated with certified organic, age-defying Argan Oil from Morocco, BCL SPA Nail and Cuticle Treatments add a unique sense of luxury to the manicure and pedicure experience.
  • Utilizing the power of science and nature, our ManiSation and PediSation systems use Citrus Vitamins and Antioxidant-rich extracts for an easy-to-use and innovative experience, transforming dry, ordinary skin with sensational results.

Visit our Online Shop to indulge in The Organic Experience!

What are the benefits of your treatments?

Our exhilarating 4-Step System combines Argan Oil from Morocco with nature’s purest, most highly bio-active ingredients in a revolutionary approach to skincare. Our simple, complete system deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates skin as it gently reverses the negative effects of sun damage and the aging process.

The BCL SPA system in 4 simple steps:

     1.  Dead Sea Salt Soak cleanses and softens the hands, feet, and body.
     2.  Sugar Scrub gently exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and silky.
     3.  Moisture Mask restores the skin’s natural hydration and deeply nourishes the skin.
     4.  Massage Cream heals, conditions, and regenerates the skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated.

The BCL SPA system’s luxurious benefits:

     1.  Lavender + Mint  ~   Calming & Moisturizing
     2.  Lemongrass + Green Tea  ~  Purifying & Anti-Oxidant Rich
     3.  Mandarin + Mango  ~  Age-Defying
     4.  Milk + Honey With White Chocolate  ~  Softening & Hydrating

Please visit our Step-By-Step page to see how these powerful, natural antioxidants, rich emollients, the finest herbs, and fruit extracts make BCL SPA a purely organic spa experience like no other.

Do you have any gift sets or displays?

Our BCL Starter Kits are a perfect way to sample the excellent 4-Step System. Available in four unique flavors, each kit contains 160z jars of:

    • Dead Sea Salt Soak
    • Sugar Scrub
    • Moisture Mask
    • Massage Cream

We are also pleased to offer Professional Sales Items, such as Tower Displays of our Sugar Scrubs or Massage Creams, each containing 6 of our 80z jars. Additionally, we offer Bottle Displays for our Gel Lotions and Nail Treatments, and gift bags of our ManiSation and PediSation lines.

Coming soon…. we will be creating gift sets for our White Radiance products, and 80z Travel Kits for our 4-Step System. Contact Us for more information.

If I have more questions, who do I contact?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We appreciate your interest!