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Balance both body and mind and naturally treat common health and mood concerns using rich therapeutic BCL Essential Oils. Pick your Essential Oils to fit your needs and blend into the BCL Body and Massage Lotion to create your own skincare solution. Display features 6 single Essential Oils, 4 Essential Oil roll-on blends, and a fragrance-free lotion with jojoba carrier oil. BCL Quality Guarantee: We test our oils using sophisticated GC/MS methodologies, processes, and equipment and follow GMP to handle and manufacture our precious oils.


4 ESSENTIAL OIL ROLL-ON BLENDS: Stress Relief | Deep Soothe | Head Aid | Immunity

SIMPLY CITRUS Propriety Citrus Blend | ENERGY Citrus + Peppermint | STRESS RELIEF Lavender + Cedarwood | LAVENDER Calming + Relaxing | PEPPERMINT Vitalizing + Refreshing | EUCALYPTUS Purifying + Invigorating

1 FRAGRANCE-FREE LOTION Formulated as a “carrier” lotion to be mixed with the oils of your choice.







BCL Essential Oil Solutions are therapeutic essential oils derived from nature’s pure botanical essences. Essential oils boast a myriad of uses to balance both body and mind and are known as mankind’s first medicine. Extracted through different extraction methods, the purest essential oils are powerful and offer a variety of benefits. Usage FAQs

Essential Oils FAQs

How do I use essential oils?

Diffuse, inhale or mix into BCL body and massage carrier lotion and apply to pressure points such as temples, wrists, or back of neck or wherever needed.

How often can essential oils be applied? How much do I use?

Essential oils are very powerful and the actual essential oil usage will vary depending on the oil that you choose and its purpose. Excessive use of essential oils could increase the risk of adverse reactions. The general rule of thumb is to use 5-10 drops of essential oil per 1 oz. of carrier oil or finished product. Depending on the essential oil, you can use up to 3-4 uses per day, if desired.

What does the term “carrier oil” or “carrier lotion” mean? What does it do, and why should I use it?

A carrier oil is abase oil or vegetable oil, and is used to dilute essential oils before they are applied topically to the skin, as it minimizes its concentration but does not dilute the effect of the essential oil. Examples include sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, or avocado oil. BCL offers a fragrance-free, wax-free carrier lotion. It has the consistency of a lotion, which is most often used in a professional massage.

How do I make my own essential oil skin care blend?

Step 1: Figure out your skin concerns (e.g., oily, acne-prone, tired, anti-aging, sensitive).
Step 2: Pick your essential oils or blend that address your skin concerns (e.g., Tea Tree for Acne-Prone skin).
Step 3: Blend oils into a carrier oil or carrier lotion such as the BCL fragrance free body lotion (combine 5-10 drops with 1 oz. of carrier of choice).
Step 4: Enjoy a customized therapeutic experience.

What if I experience skin discomfort or irritation?

If skin discomfort or irritation occurs, stop using the essential oil and immediately dilute it by applying a carrier oil and follow up by washing with warm water and plain soap. Do not wash first with water, as this will push the oil deeper into the skin. Sometimes a rash may occur as a sign of detoxification. If a rash, itching, irritation develops following essential oil use, stop using essential oils until the problem clears up.

Can I apply essential oils to my eyes or other sensitive areas?

Do not use essential oils in sensitive areas such as eyes, ears, genitals, and mucous membranes.

Can essential oils be used during pregnancy or while nursing?

As with any medical condition, we strongly recommended that you confer with a trained health advisor prior to using essential oils

Can essential oils be used on children?

Most essential oils are benign and can be used on children but should be diluted with a carrier oil prior to use. The BCL roll-onsare prediluted with carrier oil, as indicated on product labels, and can be directly applied on children. For the single essential oils, dilute 1–2 drops in 1 oz. of a carrier oil or lotion and apply to the bottoms of the feet.

What about the use of essential oils if I have a medical condition? Can essential oils interact with prescription medications?

If you have a medical condition or are using a prescription medication, it is recommended that prior to using an essential oil, you should consult with a trained health advisor who has experience with essential oils. Ask your prescribing physician and a pharmacist about potential adverse interactions between any medication and essential oils.

Can I ingest essential oils?

We do not recommend internal consumption of essential oils due to safety concerns. BCL essential oils consist of the highest therapeutic grade oils intended only for aromatherapy and topical treatment with proper dilution.



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